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AlphaTRAK 2® Meter Kit


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Product Description

Get the accuracy of a reference laboratory in the palm of your hand. You depend on accurate blood glucose measurements to manage canine and feline diabetes. To ensure accuracy, monitors must be calibrated and validated for species-specific blood. Introducing AlphaTRAK, a hand-held system validated specifically for cats and dogs. AlphaTRAK is validated to reference lab values to assist you in providing appropriate care. Reliable sample detection technology ensures clinical precision. Meter will not start until it detects enough blood. No false results. Add more blood for up to 60 seconds. The meter beeps when sample is adequate, and begins test. No more wasted strips. AlphaTRAK is easy on cats and dogs. Patented technology means the AlphaTRAK requires the world's smallest blood sample only 0.3 µL. It is also portable, accurate and cost effective, giving you results in seconds.

Product Information

**While the starter kit comes with a small supply of lancets and test strips, these products are sold separately. For more information, please see AlphaTrak 2 Test Strips, and AlphaTrak Lancets.

Manufactured by Abbott Laboratories.
Directions for User
See your AlphaTRAK Blood Glucose Monitoring System user guide for details on how to do the test.
AlphaTRAK meter; AlphaTRAKlancets, 30 count; AlphaTRAK test strips, 25 count; AlphaTRAK control solution, 1 bottle.
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